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Join Emmy Award-Winning Violinist, Damien Escobar, for Music and Mimosas in New York City

If you’re looking for a twist to the classic brunch or art gallery experience, join Emmy Award-winning violinist and BE Modern Man, Damien Escobar for “Music & Mimosas” at the Brian Morris Gallery. On Sunday, August 16, from 1-5 pm, guests will enjoy an intimate live performance by the Violin Crooner, food and wine pairings from Chef Andre, and art presentation by Bizzy Amor.

“Music & Mimosas” is a private ticketed event including a special concert performance of Escobar’s most popular covers and original music. The violin crooner told Black Enterprise exclusively, “I jumpstarted my solo career by headlining very high tier private and corporate events that removed me to a degree from my fans. Today I want to get back to the people and create opportunities for them to partake in the “Crooner Experience” firsthand as opposed to online or on TV, which is how up until now, many of my fans have had to interact with me. “Music and Mimosas” is just one of the ways that I intend on connecting with my fans and giving them what they’ve told me they wanted for the past few years.”

To purchase tickets visit dameesco.com/events. And if you just can’t wait to the weekend to see Escobar perform, watch a few of his latest performances.

Damien Escobar – Unplugged Music Series 2015

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