Get Hired: 7 Savvy Online Resources to Ace the Interview

Get Hired: 7 Savvy Online Resources to Ace the Interview

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If you’re like many job seekers, you’re always looking for resources on the Web that can help make things that much easier. Well, look no further. Check out these savvy Web resources that can lead to job-seeking success:


For companies that have publicly traded stock, is a free repository of thousands of annual reports (both the boring Form 10K version in HTML and the prettier PDF version which is distributed to stockholders and potential investors). Search by company name to find the annual report for your target employer.

These reports are gold mines of information, but keep in mind they’re from the company’s perspective. In addition to any essential financial information, you’ll typically find a letter to investors from the CEO, descriptions of products and services, major announcements, sometimes descriptions of the organizational structure (divisions or subsidiaries) and even plans for the future.


If your target employer is not a publicly traded company (in other words, it’s private), finding good information like detailed financial reports and lists of corporate officers can be challenging. And many large employers like Bechtel, Chrysler, Publix Super Markets and PricewaterhouseCoopers are private.

While Hoovers offers minimal information–like headquarters location, subsidiaries and competitors–for free, it also sells more detailed company and industry reports for $69-$300.

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