Finding Perfect Job Match Like Finding Perfect Spouse

Perfect (Professional) Match: How Searching for the Right Career is Like Dating

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

Oftentimes one can liken the job search to dating. From the informational interviews to get to know the company and employer to the power lunches and dinners, to the interview process, finding the perfect job can be like finding the perfect mate.

Writer Therese Schwenkler agrees, noting for Brazen Careerist that “finding your career and your life path really isn’t all that different than finding a hot and funny wife…” Schwenkler goes on to write:

Experience matters: Back in high school, I used to have the hugest crush on…let’s just call the guy “Danny.” He was perfect in every way (or so I thought): he had beautiful blue eyes, he was funny and nice and smart and he was the star of the basketball team. Based on all rational thought, Danny appeared to be the perfect boyfriend. After lots of hard work and investment (er, stalking), my dream finally came true: Danny and I went out on a date.

Guess what? Dating Danny wasn’t nearly as awesome as I’d thought it would be. It turns out he wasn’t a great fit for me, after all–he smelled funny and our senses of humor really clashed.

Choosing a career without having any real life experience or opportunities for exploration is like deciding to marry Danny based on the view from the gymnasium bleachers.

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