Leaving Your Comfort Zone During Your Job Search

Be Bold: How to Get Outside Your Comfort Zone for Job Search Success


It was just an entry level position, it would last a couple of years and then you would move on. Well that was the idea anyway. Time has flown by, and your five year plan is two years behind. The challenge of the job has waned, and you have gained a comfortable rhythm in your current position. Don’t be complacent, get back on the wagon and broaden your horizon.

Brazen Careerist offers some tips for the professional on the job, looking for a job.

1. Your job might not be as secure as you think

Building security and loyalty by staying at a job for a long time is something from another generation. Particularly if you are a technologist, your job might actually get less secure over time as your outdated skills reach obsolescence. But if you leverage your demonstrated abilities in one technology while it’s still hot, employers will be glad to have you help them as they too move to the latest thing.


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