'Jeffersons' Actor Sherman Hemsley Still Not Buried

‘Jeffersons’ Actor Sherman Hemsley Still Not Buried

Actor Sherman Hemsley passed away close to six months ago and has yet to be buried.

Hemsley’s body remains refrigerated in El Paso’s San Jose Funeral Home while a variety of players are contesting his will and his cause of death.

Hemsley’s modest $50,000 estate lists Flora Enchinton, his manager for over 20 years and live-in friend, as his sole beneficiary. But Richard Thornton of Philadelphia has appeared, claiming to be Hemsley’s half-brother. A DNA test has been ordered to determine if they are in fact related, but the results are not available.

And another person has come forward, a Reverend Michael George Wells who claims to be a cousin of Hemsley’s on his mother’s side. The Methodist minister questions Hemsley’s cause of death and the validity of the will; and believes the estate to be worth “beyond” the $50,000 Enchinton claims it to be.

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