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This Week on Our World: Is The Black Church Still Relevant?

Rev. DeForest "Buster" Soaries

This week on Our World with Black Enterprise, Rev. Conrad Tillard, Rev. DeForest “Buster” Soaries and Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr. join host Marc Lamont Hill to go inside the Black church. Up for debate: Is this cornerstone of the Black community becoming irrelevant–even impotent?

Rev. Tillard, senior pastor of the Nazarene Congregational Church of Christ in Brooklyn, N.Y.; Rev. Soaries, senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, N.J.; and Glaude, professor of Religion and African American Studies at Princeton, take on all sides of the issue, exploring the legacy, promise, potential and shortcomings of the Black church and its leaders. Glaude’s position was provocatively revealed in his article for The Huffington Post, “The Black Church is Dead.” On the other hand, Rev. Tillard defends the Black church, asserting that it remains a critical institution for the Black community. And Rev. Soaries, whose efforts to help his congregation achieve freedom from debt was featured on CNN’s Black In America series, makes the case that the relevance of the church can only be measured by its service to its community.

What do you think? Is the Black church alive, irrelevant, or dead? Check out Our World with Black Enterprise this week and join the discussion.

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