Is Mixing Business and Pleasure Worth the Risk?

Is Mixing Business and Pleasure Worth the Risk?

office romance loveKevin and Tammy Jackson first noticed each other while working for a large telecommunications company in Dallas, Texas. Kevin was a mid-level executive in charge of running an IT support team, while Tammy worked as a technology analyst. The two worked together for about two years within the same group, but never in a superior/subordinate capacity.

Kevin personally acknowledged his immediate attraction to Tammy, but made a decision not to pursue her to be in compliance with the code of ethics regarding workplace relationships. He didn’t want to risk his job and career in pursuit of the unknown, but had a special feeling about Tammy.

The two were able to build a solid rapport in casual work interaction, and on special projects within their group. Even through their arms-length relationship, there was an ever-increasing curiosity in the minds of both.

One day, Kevin and Tammy agreed to go out after-hours for coffee, which kicked-off the process of developing a friendship. Keeping the personal interaction discrete during the early stages is what Tammy attributes as one of the keys to their success. They were able to learn about one another without the external involvement from others in the department.

Decisions regarding workplace relationships take place every day across the country. I can personally think of a number of happily married couples who met in the workplace. However, I can also think of a number of disaster experiences when two people try to nurture and maintain relationships initiated in the workplace.

Mixing business and pleasure has pros and cons. However, it is up to two responsible adults to make wise decisions along the way so they don’t jeopardize their careers or disrupt harmony in the workplace.

Have you ever faced this situation? Is mixing business and pleasure worth the risk?  Leave your comments below.

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