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How to Innovate Within Your Company

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So you love your job, but you’d like to take a more active leadership role. It may not be in the cards yet for you to get that promotion, but there is a way to accommodate the entrepreneur in you without actually taking the self-employment leap.

Intrapreneurship, or the concept of behaving like an entrepreneur while within an already existing company, is a great way to get your practice in while a full-time employee.

Brazen Careerist offers tips on just how to do that.

Coined way back in the 70s by Gifford Pinchot, the term intrapreneur covers anyone involved in shaking up a stale business culture to bring in innovation and get cool stuff done. And it’s a natural option for young, idealistic, entrepreneur-idolizing young people, according to a recent post by careers author Alexandra Levit on the American Express OPEN Forum blog. But despite the long pedigree of the idea and its obvious advantages, “entrepreneurs tend to think of going in-house as selling out,” concedes Levit.

Finding another outlet: But Levit begs to differ with those that are down on intrapreneurship. She quotes Ingrid Vanderveldt, an entrepreneur-in-residence at Dell: “Intrapreneurship can be just as impactful and certainly just as critical as entrepreneurship. That same drive, creativity and passion for growth that entrepreneurs have can be used inside a company to benefit customers and team members.”

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