Interracial Couple Launches 'We are the 15 Percent' Website

Interracial Couple Launches ‘We are the 15 Percent’ Website

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be newsIn response to the racist commentary about a Cheerios commercial, Alyson West and her husband Michael David Murphy, an interracial couple from Atlanta, Ga., have created a website to show their support for the commercial and interracial couples everywhere called “We Are the 15 Percent.”

The couple has a 1-year-old biracial daughter Alexandra, and say they created the site to build a platform that features photos of mixed race families and couples across the United States.

“We thought, instead of parsing through negative comments and making broad statements about race, why not just show America what we look like?” West told theGrio. “It was our offer of positive support for families like our own.”

Over 1,500 photos have been submitted since the site’s launch on June 5th .