Haitian-American Artist Charles Jean-Pierre Changes The World With His Paintings
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International Artist, Charles Jean-Pierre, on Quest to Push the Culture Movement Forward

The It Factor: Growing up in a household of art collectors, it’s no surprise that Haitian American artist, Charles Jean-Pierre has made his living creating and selling celebrated art pieces across the globe.

“Art connects my family to our Haitian roots and has influenced my artistic style, which has developed into an abstract representation of my cross-cultural experiences. My paintings are a modern balance of bright colors and bold subject matter which is inspired by traditional Haitian art.”

I work hard but my passion for art developed into the opportunity for entrepreneurship,” he says. “I’ve always believed if you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life.”

The Defining Moment: Jean-Pierre’s arrival at his passion was nothing if not circuitous. “Growing up, my mom was so into the arts she paid for me to take piano lessons,” he says. “I was horrible at it, so my piano instructor thought I would make a better art student. We convinced my mother to allow me to let go of the keys and pick up a paintbrush. She eventually enrolled me in a middle school art program at the age of eight.”

Contributing to the Culture Movement: Jean-Pierre says he cultivates his inspiration by exploring various cultures. “I love to travel and experience different cultures as I believe culture is what makes us different but it also brings us together.”

Returning from a recent excursion to London and Paris, Jean-Pierre references a piece he completed in the latter city entitled American Dream.

“This piece questions whether or not my dream is confined to the fifty states and how it measures up to the Parisian, or even African dreams. I realized that my dream is really no different than the human dream. My art celebrates the cultural links that bonds us together.”

Jean-Pierre’s art has afforded him more than just a comfortable living.

“I’ve been able to meet extraordinary people. From the street corner kid looking to change his life to seasoned art collectors,” says Jean-Pierre. “I’ve also been able to be a part of several political fundraisers but more importantly, I have been able to learn and grow from the people I encounter through art.”

He continues, “We don’t know how powerful [Black American] culture is. It is felt all the way from Paris to Sydney. I want to help us understand our power as a people and [make sure we] put it to good use.”