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Inside the Super Bowl — Part 2


Super Bowl XLIII Feb. 1, 2009 Tampa, FL Super Bowl XLIV TBD-2010 Miami Super Bowl XLV TBD-2011 Dallas

“It’s such a great opportunity that has grown even larger than that,” she says. “The NFL Black Hall of Famers and the Fritz Pollard Alliance found out about us and decided to hold a reception at our restaurant honoring Tony Dungy instead of a fancy hotel. It’s having many residual effects—now I’m almost overwhelmed the whole week [leading up to the game].”

Ross added, “We are looking beyond the Super Bowl; trying to carry everything forward to expand our business long term. “I am one of the few companies where the entire staff is African American and our restaurant is in South Phoenix,” one of the last areas of the city to be developed. “I’m proud that I am also helping to bring these types of events to my neighborhood.”