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In the News: Survey Shows Racial Divide When Tipping; Smiley and West Launch Bus Tour Critiquing Obama and More

The Root's study showed distinct differences when it came to race and reasons for tipping (Image: Thinkstock)

The Root's study shows distinct differences when it comes to race and reasons for tipping (Image: Thinkstock)

Why We Tip: Survey Shows Racial Divide

When African Americans dine out, the service had better measure up if the server is expecting a good tip.

That’s among the findings of a recent poll by The Root on attitudes and habits regarding tipping.

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Hotel Housekeeper Tells Magazine of Her Encounter with Strauss-Khan

The Sofitel hotel housekeeper, who accused Dominique Strauss-Khan of sexual assault, is going on the record. She recently gave a long and tearful interview, with her full name and picture attached, that provides her detailed account of the May encounter – including that Mr. Strauss-Kahn told her “You’re beautiful” as he attacked her.

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Smiley and West Launch Bus Tour Critiquing Obama

(The Associated Press) Black activists Cornel West and Tavis Smiley are planning a 15-city “Poverty Tour” to bring attention to the needy and to what they say are the failings of President Barack Obama.

West, a Princeton University professor, and Smiley, host of a TV talk show, expect to begin the bus trip Aug. 5 at a Native American reservation in Wisconsin. With visits to soup kitchens, housing projects, farms, families and low-wage workers, they say they hope to create momentum for large-scale job creation programs and put poverty on the 2012 election agenda.

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LinkedIn Launches Button That Lets You Apply for Jobs

LinkedIn just made it easier to apply for a job, thanks to the launch of its new “Apply With LinkedIn” button.

The business-oriented social network is billing the new feature as “the future of job applications.” The company’s goal is to make the job application process as simple as a click.

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