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Ice Cube: U.S. Printed $3T Without Any Inflation, Government And Banks Are Colluding Against The Poor

Ice Cube
(Image: Facebook)

Hip-hop legend Ice Cube has never been one to bite his tongue – and lately he’s been using his voice to rally against the government’s economic practices. Cube said the government is colluding with banks to keep people in poverty.

“America is a currency creator so there’s no reason for people to live like this. Government and the banks have made a deal to keep the people in debt. They always say if you print money it will cause inflation. They just printed 3 trillion. Little or no inflation,” Ice Cube tweeted Thursday, Sept. 3.

The tweet included a meme that showed printed money accompanied by the caption “We live in a country that creates its own money, yet still can’t afford to feed the homeless to fund education.”

It received thousands of likes and retweets. Many of Cube’s followers weighed in with their agreement.

“11 people control 1 trillion dollars..the inequality is sick,” tweeted one user. “Blame the Federal Reserve! They want to create debt and poverty, so they enslave your with debt!” tweeted another.

“You should definitely dig into how that works. You will be mindf**ked. The dollar was backed by gold at one point but the fed at one point printed more money then had gold bringing the value of the dollar down. The solution to bring the value back up? Have it backed by petroleum,” one user identified as Eduardo Flores wrote in response.

The message is just one in a series of others from Cube (born O’Shea Jackson) as the November presidential election approaches. He has criticized both major political parties for not caring about Black people.

Never hesitant to cape for his people, Cube told Black people not to vote just for the sake of voting in a video uploaded to Twitter Tuesday.

“I just want to be straight up because there’s a lot of messages going out about this election,” Cube said. “Be skeptical of anybody telling you to vote and not telling you ask for anything. … That’s not how it works. … You don’t vote just to vote. You vote because you’re getting something or your community is getting something.”

He is also calling for “A Contract with Black America,” which urges the country’s leadership to take the steps necessary to finally make America live up to being a “more perfect union.”

On it’s website, it states “This Contract with Black America is a patriotic pathway to promote our shared prosperity and achieve racial economic justice.”

This article was originally published by The Moguldom Nation.