How to Use Your Day Job to Get to Your Dream Job

How to Use Your Day Job to Get to Your Dream Job

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So, you’ve taken a job where you feel totally underemployed. Or you’re at a great company but know it’s time to take things to the next level. Either way, you’ll have to have a plan in place to either move up or exit. Brazen  Careerist offers tips on how to create the approach strategy to make boss moves toward your dreams:

Take your financial temperature. Knowing how to manage your money is the first step to being a successful entrepreneur. The moment you decide to make the leap to being your own boss, you need to take a candid assessment of your financial picture: your credit score, your savings, your debt. If your personal finances are in shambles, you should address those issues while you still have a steady paycheck coming in before throwing yourself into your business full-time.

Learn everything you can from everyone you can. One day you’ll be glad you did. That self-righteous coworker who knows Excel as if he created the program? He’s the one you want to ask how to create master spreadsheets. The assistant with the ever-annoying attention to detail? Follow her example to learn how you can stay on top of your game.

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