How to Network for a New Gig... While Still at the Old One

How to Network for a New Gig… While Still at the Old One

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When it comes to career planning, there will be a time when you’re at your current gig, where you’ve reached your peak, and your eyes are set on new horizons. Or, you might just hate your current job, but can’t afford to just up and quit.

There can be those awkward and uncertain feelings as to how to approach job seeking and networking when you’re already gainfully employed. Who will find out? How do you broach the subject? What will prospective employers think of your tactics or motives?

How do you put the feelers out there to set the gears in motion to move on—without losing your job or your good reputation?

Brazen Careerist offers tips on how to network for a new gig, while still at the old one:

1. Block out some time.
2. Choose your method.
3. Find your tribe.