How to Help a Loved One Get a Job

Motivation: 3 (Right) Ways to Help A Loved One Get a Job

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In her blog, relationship and career coach Michelle Callahan, Ph.D., talks about the importance of helping others, saying “Doing something nice for someone else actually improves our own personal well-being.” As we enter the holiday season of giving, where the job market is tight and the job hunt can get discouraging, what better gift to give your loved ones than that extra boost of motivation to go after their dream job. Below are a list of ways that will help both you and the ones closest to you stay focused on your career goals:

Host a vision board party: Vision boards are an effective way to keep you focused on your goals and motivated to achieve them. Hosting a vision board party will not only help you in your career advancement, but it will also help those closest to you to go after their dream job in the new year.

Bring them to networking events: Allow your loved one to be your plus one when attending networking events. Being in a room full of professionals will motivate them to recharge themselves and get back on the grind toward reaching their career goals.

Alert them of job openings: When you hear about an opening at a company, pass the word along to those closest to you. A lot of jobs are landed through word of mouth, and your job alert can be just the motivation they need to get back on the hunt for their dream job.