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How to Cope with the ‘Mean Girls’ at the Office

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

Having to deal with a mean, surly coworker can be a drag, especially if the job is already stressful. And sometimes the premise of ‘sisterhood’ can go out the window when it comes to interoffice relationships between women. Catty competition, back-biting, and insecurity can be problems that put office morale at a major low.

Interacting with those ‘mean girls’ in the office can be a bit tricky, and you don’t want to lose your cool — or your job — in the process. Madame Noire gives a step-by-step strategy in professionally handling situations with manipulative coworkers, giving you the option to uphold your integrity and practice appropriate conflict resolution to make your day that much easier.

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