Reverse Opt-In Can Help You Build Your Tribe Faster and Smarter

How the Reverse Opt-In Can Help You Build Your Tribe Faster and Smarter

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Have you ever looked at what everyone else in online business is doing and thought there must be a different way? Maybe you’re like me, and you get a little rebellious when it comes to commonplace marketing advice.

That’s exactly what the reverse opt-in, a counterintuitive tribe-building and email list growing technique, is all about.

Typical List Building Opt-In Pages

The status quo is to drive traffic to an opt-in squeeze page, where the only option on the page is to either (a) opt-in or (b) leave. These types of landing pages are extremely effective, sometimes getting opt-in conversion rates from 20% up to 80%, in my experience.

It’s a technique that absolutely does work, but there’s a reason they’re called “squeeze” pages.

If you really want to build your tribe and email list and establish a community of people who share your amazing work for you, there is another way.

It’s called the reverse opt-in.

Introducing the Reverse Opt-In

When everyone else is zigging, sometimes it makes sense to zag.

As the name implies, the reverse opt-in uses an entirely different technique. Instead of requiring someone to opt-in to your email list, then giving them the goods, you give them something of value first, then you ask them to join your list.

Let’s look at a few examples to illustrate the difference.

List-Building Webinars

With a traditional lead page, a person must sign up for your email list before they’re allowed to attend your webinar.

With a reverse opt-in, you would provide a no-obligation link to a webinar recording or a live webinar. On that webinar page, you would give viewers the option to join your email list.

When using it this way, it’s important to connect the webinar with the additional value your opt-in would deliver, whether that be another webinar, a downloadable checklist, an email series, etc.

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