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Hollywood Insider #2

Will Packer Facts
(Image: Facebook)

Will Packer Facts
(Image: Facebook)

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Beyond the Headlines

What does it really take to successfully release a black film overseas?

“When you look at the kinds of films that are given a big release push overseas, they tend to be big blockbuster kind of movies,” says actor Michael Ealy. “To achieve that kind of promotional effort, a film has to be relatable in a very general ‘big guns’ and blow up things [in the] kind of way that the studios know an international audience will consume in vast numbers. Tom Cruise didn’t become a worldwide star because of Magnolia, he became a big star because of Top Gun.”

Next Generation

Count cinematographer Daniel Patterson as one of the next names to watch for making big moves in Hollywood. The former Spike Lee student and NYU graduate work has been featured on a growing number of high-profile films that including the Sundance darling “Gun Hill Road” in 2011. More of his work is going on display this week at the prestigious LA Film Festival, where “Evolution of a Criminal,” and “Out in the Night” will be screened. The very talented D.P. also worked on his mentor Spike Lee’s next film “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus” that will be screened during the American Black Film Festival. Keep your eyes out for this one!

Executive Talk

Congratulations to CBS executive Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i who received a “2014 California Most Powerful and Influential Woman Award” during the 5th Annual California Diversity & Leadership Conference from the National Diversity Council and the California Diversity Council. Smith-Anoa’i is a tireless champion of creating opportunities for women and minorities both in front of and behind the scenes, so this award is well-deserved.

Hollywood’s “A” Spot

Producer Will Packer is on a roll

With multiple projects in progress at two of the biggest studios in Hollywood, producer Will Packer has become a major factor in the film industry. With his last two films grossing more than $100 million, the 40-year old filmmaker is set to start production in Atlanta and Miami on “Ride Along 2.” The movie will again star Kevin Hart and Ice Cube and Tim Story is returning to direct.

Two New Bille Woodruff projects headed to the big screen

After focusing on television over the past two years, director Bille Woodruff is making a return to the big screen with two new movies that used Atlanta as their base. First up is the long-awaited Zane drama,”Addicted.” Based on bestselling novel of the same name, the steamy picture stars Boris Kodjoe, Sharon Leal, Tasha Smith, and Tyson Beckford. The director is following that up with the highly anticipated project “Drumline 2,” which is filming scenes in and around the Atlanta Perimeter.

H.I. Trivia

Which of these films have plots that have nothing to do with trying to make it in show business?

“Hollywood Shuffle”

“The Mistress”

“Wag The Dog”


“The Terminal”

“This is Spinal Tap”

Answer: “The Terminal”

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