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Travel Luggage Guide – 8 Necessities For Him

African American man's hand carrying luggage
Personally, I'm fueled by three passions: Food, fashion and travel. While they each are fairly equal, depending on the opportunity I might give up my daily ration of food for an over-water bungalow in the Maldives or a Tom Ford white summer suit with the side tabs. Considering my love of the above, one of my most needed and used Suit Your Life accessories is luggage. Over the years I’ve used, destroyed, and tried every type of low-end to high-end piece of luggage on the market, as well as mastered the carry-on essentials to make the trip and arrival as stress-free as possible. Before you book a flight for your summer travel and grab that old duffle bag from your college days or green suitcase set from the back of your parent’s closet, try these plane, train, bus, and donkey-tested luggage options and travel accessories. —Gardy V. Guerrier

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