How to connect with the most powerful people of color in tech

Here’s How to Connect With the Most Powerful People of Color in Tech


As a lead-up to Black Enterprise’s TechConneXt Technology Summit, being held at the San Francisco Marriot Waterfront Hotel on Oct. 10—11; we’ve been regularly featuring profiles of some of the powerhouses that make up “Black Silicon Valley.”

One such luminary is Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green. This brilliant young physicist came up with the treatment-altering idea of using lasers to treat cancer to avoid the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Green will participate on a panel at TechConneXt “Women of Color: The Bigger Challenge to Success in Tech.” She and several other notable women of color in STEM will speak about being both women and people of color in industries not often welcoming to either.

We’ve also profiled entertainer superstar Ryan Leslie. You may know him for his mega-hits such as “Diamond Girl” and others, but you should know the Harvard graduate is an extremely knowledgeable technology entrepreneur. His tech platform SuperPhone is a powerful messaging platform with sophisticated data analytics capabilities.

Leslie will speak along with Ty Ahmad-Taylor, CEO of THX. Ltd., the sound studio founded by George Lucas, on a panel about the technology driving entertainment.

Facebook is a daily part of most of our lives. Facebook’s director of strategic partnerships and close confidant of Mark Zuckerberg, Ime Archibong will also be at TechConneXt in a one-on-one conversation about his journey from software engineer to a top executive at the most transformative social media company in the world.

CEOs and founders including Stacy Brown-Philpot, the CEO of TaskRabbit and Tristan Walker, founder of Walker & Co. Brands will also be in attendance.

TechConneXt will bring together incredible men and women of color in the tech industry and also those who are going above and beyond to make Silicon Valley a more inclusive place such as Slack’s CEO Stewart Butterfield.

You will also want to check out and enjoy hands-on testing of the technology in the Innovation Center. Don’t miss it!