HerAgenda Founder and Karen Civil Share their Business Motivation

HerAgenda Founder and Karen Civil Share their Business Motivation

(Image: www.alleynyc.com)

On Dec. 11, brand ambassador and self-made entrepreneur Karen Civil, and HerAgenda.com founder Rhonesha Byng sat down at AlleyNYC for a special conversation on business motivation and strategy. The two women executives shared their personal insights after a motivating event that brought out young leaders in New York City to empowered to take their career destinies in their own hands. Civil, a social media mogul who has been listed in Billboard’s Twitter 140 has been touring the nation and recently authored, Live Civil: 5 Ways of Unlocking Your Potential.

Rhonesha Byng is also a successful entrepreneur and journalist, with past careers at the Huffington Post, NBCUniversal, and NBC. Heragenda.com has been a success since it launched in 2008, providing essential strategizing and marketing tools and advice for millennials, senior professionals, and start-ups.

Prior to existence of today’s social media, Civil told AlleyNYC, “I always had a fascination for the Internet because I was a Haitian-American who dressed like Wednesday Addams, who loved the Backstreet Boys, so unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of friends or people who understood me.” She also shared tips for entrepreneurs and what’s in store next for the company.

“I wasn’t so stuck in my community. I grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey. If you didn’t like Biggie or Tupac, nothing else mattered. Here’s this other world where I had people in common from around the globe, and that really started it for me,” Civil said. “I have to figure out a way to make money because this is a hobby. I want to talk to people around the world all the time, and I just have to figure it out. I didn’t know what it was yet, but I knew it was something.”

Check out the video from the interview below.