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Favorite suit designer Martin Greenfield hand-tailored suits. He's made suits for the best of them. They're American made, and you know the suit will still be perfect 30 years from now. They are expensive, quality suits but worth every dollar.
Ouigi Theodore, inspired by distinctive fashion that transcends time, sells items in his boutique that reflect that same classic individuality. Drawing on the creative influences of one of the most eclectic areas in the world, Theodore, 35, named his fashion boutique <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>The Brooklyn Circus</strong></a>, because <em>Brooklyn is the center of New York and a major center in the world as far as style and creativity. It's truly a cultural hub and a microcosm of the world. In this borough alone, 136 languages are spoken,</em> says Theodore, who was born in Haiti. <em>We used the term "circus", because it's the only place where talented people who have different interests can perform under one tent.</em>His big top showcases distinctive apparel such as newsboy caps, cardigans, varsity sweaters and jackets, and wingtip boots. With branches in Chicago and San Francisco, Theodore is focused on a '100-year plan' to make The Brooklyn Circus, established in 2006, a premier shopping destination domestically and internationally. In addition to changing the image of the urban male globally, he wants to expand his offerings to include mentoring opportunities for children, and publishing books such as the recently published coffee table compilation Changing of the Guards (RR2 L.L.C.; $80 suggested donation), a photographic timeline of The Brooklyn Circus.Theodore's personal style is as unique as his business. Nicknamed "the bearded man,"he was recognized this year by the magazine <em>Time Out New York</em> as one of the city's most stylish New Yorkers. Theodore took some time to give us a sense of what fuels his unique definition of style.Favorite brand of timepiece</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">Panerai<</a>appreciate the history behind the piece, one of the top five watches in my opinion. It's subtle, has a lot of character and style, and will appreciate over time.Favorite organizer Moleskine is a very cool company that's been in business since 1997. This organizer is great and under the radar as far as organizers go. It fits my style because I can use it in every environment, from the impromptu meeting to a formal setting.Favorite leather carrier My 1930s handmade leather bag, an official U.S. Navy military-issued bag and a part of history, which is another aspect I look for in any piece. I found this bag at Bobby from Boston (617-423-9299), a vintage store in the South End of Boston on Thayer Street.Greatest style influences really a combination of people, but I appreciate the showmanship that certain artists have brought to the culture of fashion. James Brown is the first that comes to mind. Then, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Fred Astaire, and all the jazz musicians from the Harlem Renaissance that really had that cool factor.Favorite suit designer <a href="" target="_blank">Martin Greenfield hand-tailored suits</a>. He's made suits for the best of them. They're American made, and you know the suit will still be perfect 30 years from now. They are expensive, quality suits but worth every dollar.Mode of transportation. It's a custom-built 1991 Harley Davidson Bobber. I am a biker and have been for a long time. I am a huge fan of the Harley Davidson brand, its heritage, and what it represents "freedom and the open road totally represent my personality."