Grammy-nominated PJ Morton builds business brand verse by verse

Grammy-Nominated PJ Morton Builds Business Brand Verse by Verse


If you listen to the sounds of PJ Morton, you will know there is something different about him. His music is unique and gives off a sound of love, soul, and harmony. Although he grew up as a preacher’s kid in New Orleans to the well-known pastors Paul Morton and Debra Morton of Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church, despite the pressure of many, he decided early on that he would not follow in his father’s footsteps to become a preacher. This musical genius had his eyes on his purpose and calling for life.

Although his music genre is not gospel, he credits his faithful upbringing by providing music the whole family can enjoy. He says because of his faithful roots, there are just some places he would not go when it comes to his music—a decision that has paid off. Morton recently received two Grammy nominations for his album Gumbo and his song, “First Began.”


A Morehouse Entrepreneur

But he is more than just a sweet melody to your ears. With a marketing degree from Morehouse, he is putting his business degree to great use. As an entrepreneur, he founded Morton Records, a label that he expects to launch a music mecca in New Orleans. He hopes to create a Motown version in the small city that is known for music.

His business degree gives him the edge he needs as an entrepreneur. He has plans to build a music infrastructure in the Crescent City with a complete studio where he can groom artists in the way Motown groomed its top talent. He wants to work with professionals and music artists from New Orleans with hopes to create an economic boom for the city.


Tips for Entrepreneurs and Artists

In our interview, when asked about what tips entrepreneurs and artists should follow to become successful in the business, he quickly stressed being unique.

“It is a very unique time with streaming…the business model is changing right now before our eyes,” Morton says. He encourages entrepreneurs and artists to focus on brand partnerships. He added finding brands that can invest in your project is vital.

For more information about PJ Morton, visit his website.