BE Modern Man Spotlights - Google Geniuses: Meet Travis G. Mason

[Google Geniuses] Meet Travis G. Mason

BE Modern Man - Google Geniuses : Travis Mason

Name: Travis Mason

Profession: Public Policy & Government Affairs Google

Age: 30

I have contributed to the tech world as a Google Genius by: Solving Public policy issues to move innovation forward

Google’s Public Policy & Government Affairs team is focused on the company’s most innovative work in autonomous technology, renewable energy and health sciences. Meet one of the teams prized members Travis G. Mason. From driverless cars to cargo delivery via self-flying vehicles, Google[x] is the company’s secret R&D factory for building magical, audaciously impactful ideas that through science and technology can be brought to reality.

Graduating from the Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse, Mason was recognized as a Harry S. Truman Scholar, one of the country’s most prestigious undergraduate awards. He earned his Masters from the University of Michigan and has also studied at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government as a Galbraith Scholar.

Using his experience as a classically trained musician interdisciplinary futurist, Mason brings a unique approach to solving the company’s complex public policy challenges primarily at Google. “Working with regulators, industry leaders and lawmakers to advance next generation technologies in aviation, renewable energy and life sciences is a rewarding experience,” Mason tells BE Modern Man. In a role that flies under the radar, the work being done is critical to moving the technology industry forward. “Often, these advanced projects raise public policy and regulatory challenges society has never seen.”

Google is at the intersection of technology where multimedia, search, and an app marketplace meet to provide users a rich experience. “Google is a place where ideas and concepts from different industries and disciplines collide,” says Mason. At some companies “what if” can scare leadership but not at Google. We’re constantly peering over the horizon – researching, and thinking of a future that can save lives and help everyday people.”

Research and development is a way of life in the fast paced world of tech, and innovative people will continue to produce innovative products. The research is clear, diversity within a group of problem solvers is more important than individual ability,” Mason tells BE Modern Man.The next chapter of innovation in Silicon Valley, will depend less on thinkers with enormous IQ and more on groups capitalizing on their untapped diversity.”

The team salutes Mason for working behind the scenes with lawmakers and regulators to provide innovative technologies to consumers. Innovation is what drives our world and with leaders like Mason leading the way we will successfully innovate into the future.

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