Ghanian Billionaire Leads Peaceful COVID-19 Protest Against China In Accra

Ghanian Billionaire Leads Peaceful COVID-19 Protest Against China In Accra

Freedom Jacob Caesar
Freedom Jacob Caesar (Image: Instagram)

Over the last several weeks, videos and reports have surfaced of Africans living in China being subjected to racist treatment, including being kicked out of establishments to being refused medical treatment amid the global COVID-19 crisis. Many nations have responded in anger, demanding their political leaders step up and retaliate against China by restricting its business moves on the continent.

In Accra, Ghana, this weekend, a silent procession took place at Black Star Square as a sign of solidarity with Africans being marginalized and abused in China during the COVID-19 pandemic. The movement was led by Ghanian billionaire, Nana Kwame Bediak, who also goes by Freedom Jacob Caesar or Cheddar, a well-known industrialist and entrepreneur, who is demanding the Chinese government to offer a formal apology to all black people worldwide.

“As a concerned global citizen, I was deeply disturbed by the treatment I saw of black people in China being evicted from their homes, forced into quarantine and even being denied admittance to restaurants and hotels,” said Freedom according to WRCB TV. “I was also surprised that even despite the close relationship between China and most African countries, there hasn’t been any public denouncement from the authorities. The world has to know that Covid-19 simply cannot be used as an excuse to dehumanize or deny the civil rights of black people in China or any other nation.”

“Ghana has gained a reputation as a model of democracy in Africa and Freedom of Speech is a fundamental principle that is supported in our democracy,” he said. “It is important for young black people globally to understand the power of our collective voices to effect peaceful change. I will continue to use my voice and platform to change perceptions of Africa, build unity and forge deeper connections between Africa, the West and the East.”