Get Your Digital Life Straight for the New Year

Get Your Digital Life Straight For the New Year

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Image: Evernote

For Note-Taking and List-Making: Evernote
(Free; basic subscription, Android, iOS)
From ‘honey-do’ lists to notes from your last business meeting, Evernote has got you covered. It’s a favorite app of Black Enterprise staffers, but Evernote does even more.

Political Editor Hailey Wallace uses it for research. “I use Evernote for everything, both work and personal. I’m constantly using the Web-Clipping feature to save and organize research for articles I’m working on. I also love the Reminders feature, which allows me to attach due dates to projects so I have a visual of what I need to prioritize throughout the work day, and it automatically syncs to my iPhone, iPad, and Mac Air so I have all of my files with me wherever I go.”

Evernote is also great for those times its inconvenient to type, because you can add voice notes or just scribble a digital note using a stylus or your fingertip.

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