Get the Gig: 4 Smart Additions to Add to Your Resume

Get the Gig: 4 Smart Additions to Add to Your Resume

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

There have been countless articles about how to get creative with your resume. Every job candidate wants to stand out in order to get the job. As with any advice, one must use discernment or consider various factors such as industry or culture of the company you’re applying to work for.

Well, here are some smart additions you can add to almost any resume to make yourself more marketable and less likely to be ignored:

The QR code

This is a tricky one. QR codes are often misused and, even more often, don’t offer the kind of interactive experience they promise.

Should you use a QR code? If you’re going to direct somebody to a portfolio or some other interactive area on the Web, then this is acceptable. If you’re not going to give them something useful, forget about it.

If you’re absolutely sure about putting a QR code on your resume, here are some QR dos and don’ts:

DO link to portfolios, reels, an app you made, an interactive online piece you’ve created or a place where someone can buy your stuff.

DON’T link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, another copy of your resume, a printable version of your resume or a home page.

Instead, make the PDF interactive and include links where relevant. Besides, how often is this really going to get printed?

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