Get Hired: Top Jobs For Recent Graduates

Get Hired: Top Jobs For Recent Graduates

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You’ve finally made it across the stage, but now what? Well, it’s time to explore your options, and they are a-plenty. True, job prospects and stats can be a bit gloomy when it comes to recent grads but here’s a look at the brighter side of things, with 10 top careers for recent graduates:

1. Registered Nurse

If you want a healthcare career, you’re in luck. Registered nurse may grow the most of all careers by 2020.

Why all the hype? As baby boomers age, they need more healthcare. Plus, people are becoming more interested in preventative medicine–often the domain of RNs.

Job Openings (total between 2010-2020): 711,900

Education Needed: Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $65,000

2. Kindergarten, Elementary School or Middle School Teacher

Shaping young minds is a rewarding business. While teaching positions are opening up nationwide, landing a job in this competitive field depends on context. Job prospects should be best in rural or inner-city schools and in areas with growing populations, such as the south. Specializing in certain subjects–including math, chemistry and languages–can also give you an edge.

Job Openings: 281,500 (Kindergarten/Elementary), 108,300 (Middle School)

Education Needed: Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $52,000

3. Accountant

The recent rocky financial times (not to mention corporate scandals) have increased the demand for accounting ninjas. In this field, work experience is key–most states require on-the-job time before an accountant can even apply to become a Certified Public Accountant. So an internship or entry-level job can be a smart move.

Job Openings: 190,700

Education Needed: Bachelor’s Degree

Average Salary: $62,000

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