How to Get Over Your Fear of Self-Promotion

How to Get Over Your Fear of Self-Promotion

“It’s embarrassing.” I’m afraid of sounding conceited or arrogant.”

Promoting yourself in the digital age can feel downright sleazy and self-serving for many people. But if you’re an entrepreneur looking to attract customers or an employee ready to advance to the next level, selling yourself is critical for your survival and success in your career.


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The bottom line is no one will invest in you if you’re invisible. Here are four steps to getting over your fear of self-promotion:


Take the focus off of you


For instance, let’s say you received an award for your recycling efforts; you could connect the award to a larger vision or mission, which helps a specific target audience.

“I’m passionate about saving the planet, so receiving this award means we’re one step closer to making companies recycle around the world.”


Add a teachable moment to your announcement


If you’re sharing an accomplishment or significant achievement, share the backstory, struggle, or personal setbacks that could help someone overcome their fears. Think about it this way, what words of encouragement could’ve helped you before you accomplished your goal? For instance, were you overlooked before achieving success? Did you face any rejection? What self-limiting beliefs did you have to overcome to succeed?


Use the 80/20 rule when it comes to sharing your accomplishments


Don’t overdo it. While 80% of your social media content should be focused on the interest and needs of your audience, you can use 20% to promote your business, events, achievements, awards, etc.


Show, don’t (just) tell


With the growing popularity of Live video, and Facebook/Instagram stories, you have a great opportunity to show your life behind the scenes. For instance, you could share a video of yourself speaking at an event, ask a customer to do a 30-second video testimonial, or show your production process.