Gayle King Feels Like It's "Open Season" On Black People

Gayle King Tearfully Reacts To Videos Of Racial Violence: It’s “Open Season” on Black Men

Screenshot of CBS This Morning / Gayle King
(Screenshot via YouTube/CBS This Morning)

This week, a video of a white woman named Amy Cooper calling the police on a black man, Christian Cooper, for asking to put on her dog on a leash during a walk in Central Park went viral. A wave of public outcry and criticism ensued against Cooper’s volatile actions against an unarmed black man. The controversy led to Cooper losing her job and her dog.

As social media continues to react to the recent racial incident, Gayle King of CBS This Morning discussed the recent video with co-hosts, Tony Dokoupil and Anthony Mason, after they talked about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a police officer. King was visibly shaken with the overlapping stories of racial violence.

“She’s practically strangling her dog, strangling her dog to make these false accusations against another black man.” King said.  “I’m still so upset by that last story where the man is handcuffed underneath a car where people are pleading that he can’t breathe, and we are watching a man die.

“…This story where she falsely accuses a black man on television. I don’t even know what to do or how to handle this at this particular time. I am speechless. I am really, really speechless by what we are seeing on television this morning. It feels to me like an an open season and that it’s not sometimes a safe place to be in this country for black men and today is too much for me.”

Amy Cooper has since told CNN on Tuesday that she wanted to “publicly apologize to everyone” for the incident.