Cool Jobs: "Comeback Dad" Screenwriter Kimberly Walker

From Beauty Guru to Filmmaker: One Young Woman’s Savvy Journey to National TV

Kim Walker's film, "Comeback Dad," premiers on UPtv July 12, starring Loretta Divine, Charles Dutton and Tatyana Ali. (Image: UPtv)

Kimberly Walker, screenwriter, "Comeback Dad" (Image: Walker)

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Some career journeys are filled with unbelievable circumstances and grace that can’t be predicted and almost seem unbelievable. For Kimberly Walker, the dream and drive was always there and the rest, is well, history.

Walker, 31, started a career in media covering beauty trends and news for publications and brands including Uptown magazine,, AOL and curlBOX, and always had aspirations to get into film, and getting her foot in the door via journalism proved to be a boss moves.

Quietly honing her skills writing film and TV content, Walker got the opportunity of a lifetime when one of her screenplays was picked up by UPtv—even after she’d lost last year’s UPtv Faith & Family Screenplay Competition.

Her art has come to life as “Comeback Dad” (#ComebackDad), starring industry vets Tatyana Ali, Loretta Devine and Charles Dutton. It premiered this summer at the American Black Film Festival in New York City, and will debut on the UPtv July 12. caught up with the young filmmaker on her experience working with Hollywood heavyweights, juggling two career passions, and her advice for other young filmmakers on the come up. What’s behind your passion for beauty journalism and filmmaking? And how did you balance the two to make a career transition?

Kimberly Walker: I’ve always been doing both, but screenwriting was more on the side at first. I have to give credit to my mom in terms of my interest in beauty. I was always mesmerized by anything improves your look. I just started playing with things, reading magazines, and anything that had to do with beauty, I wanted to do it. When I graduated from college, I’d send out clips from blogs or anything I’d written about beauty, and I got my first big beauty gig with Upscale magazine.

I studied creative writing and film at Michigan State University, so I’d been writing my scripts on the low and working on small sets, doing production assistant work. I had a lot of stuff that I’d written myself, but I’d never share with anyone.


I finally got the guts to let people read my scripts, and I started applying for contests. I always wanted to be a filmmaker but I had to keep trying to get my foot in the door.

I’ve been blessed to have worked for editors and brands who knew I had a passion for filmmaking, so they’d let me take on digital film and video projects as well. That allowed me to get experience within the industry and that allowed me to move into completely getting into the film industry.

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