Freshwire CEO Shawn Amos Talks Smart TVs at CES 2013 [Video]

Freshwire’s Shawn Amos Talks Smart TVs at CES

Shawn Amos, CEO of Freshwire, provides refreshing commentary in "60 Seconds of Social Media" (Image: Source)

Freshwire CEO Shawn Amos hits Las Vegas next week for this year’s upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, sifting through the latest tech trends and hottest products of 2013. Smart TVs are still (and will continue to be) on the tips of attendees’ tongues with Samsung expected to debut its Smart TV Evolution Kit, and other brands likely to bring out “smart” appliances.

It’s predicted that by the end of 2013, over 35 million U.S. households will have a connected, or smart, television. However, with tablet purchases still on a steady climb, how will second screen viewing affect connected TV ownership?

Amos explores this and more in the latest episode of “60 Seconds of Social Media.”