Freelance Jobs: What's the Right Industry For You?

Freelance Jobs: What’s the Right Industry For You?

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Freelance jobs can be the bread and butter of the young entrepreneur especially in a slow economy and job market.

How do you choose what industry you would like to work in and what skills you would need to bring to the table?

Brazen Careerist gives some tips to the up and coming freelancer to help them stay ahead of the curve.

The Hottest Sectors in Freelance Nation

Online jobs portal has some data to guide you. Each quarter, the site releases a report detailing what sorts of jobs are most in demand on its platform, giving young people who are interested in building freelance careers a sense of where the picking are richest.

So what are the hottest sectors in freelance nation at the moment? Here are the trends says are worth paying attention to:

  • Android jobs ricochet back as Apple iOS jobs stagnate: iPhone jobs tapered to a modest 8 percent growth as developers waited for the release of iOS6 in September. Buoyed by the weak iOS6 launch, Android saw a huge 16 percent growth in jobs during the last few months.

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