LaVar Arrington, Former NFL LB, Finds Purpose After the Game

For LaVar Arrington’s Latest Act, A Grand Nod to His Many Influences

Shifting of football’s flawed paradigm

It’s that approach to the game — toughness, brains and precision — that needs to define the game’s future, he says.

“You have to start changing the culture and making [playing the right way] the standard.”

“There’s ways to use your head and contact isn’t one of them.”

Arrington says that while it’s more convenient to do it the wrong way than to do it the right way, the culture doesn’t reward players for being technically as well as physically sound in practice and in games.

That paradigm changes with XP.

“It’s that the [football] culture rewards athletes,” he explains, recalling his own playing days. “From the time you start playing Pee Wee, to your first day in the league you show how strong you are, how fast you are, whatever your ability is. The higher the level the more you are rewarded for because you can bring victories to the team. Whether it’s the tailback or the quarterback, [when a player is dominant] he’s taught to do what he needs to do and everyone else get the hell out of the way.”

In addition to his work with Under Armour, Arrington is a host on LaVar & Dukes on D.C.’s 106.7 FM the FAN. There’s also talk of a reality show in the works.

He knows he won’t make the Hall of Fame. The one in Canton, anyway.

“I’m all in on wanting to be a Hall of Famer in life. Helping others is what’s priceless. That’s ultimately what has led me to what I’m doing now. And I will be making a ton of money.”