How to Focus Your At-Home Work Hours

Never Slacking: How to Focus Your At-Home Work Schedule

10 Ways to Maximize Your Home Office for Productivity
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Have you taken the plunge into being self-employed? Now that you’re making your own hours it may be hard to buckle down and actually get focused. The distractions of your TV, house phone, the Web, the mailman, (the list goes on and on) could be a huge hindrance in your progress. Brazen Careerist highlights five ways to stay disciplined and focused when working from home.

1. Follow your clock, not theirs: Remember back in college, when “early to bed” meant being asleep before sunrise? If your night-owl-ish tendencies leave you feeling your best in the late hours of the night, don’t be afraid to time-shift your work schedule to match. Likewise, if you prefer to wake up in the wee hours and have most of your tasks done before noon, well, there’s no one stopping you.

Modern office hours were constructed as a kind of one-size-fits-all approximation of humankind, but everyone’s biological clock is wound differently. Working during the hours when your mind is at its best will make the day (or night) go faster, while improving the quality of your both mood and your work.

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