Fib Faux Pas: Job Interview Lies That Work --- or Don't

Fib Faux Pas: Job Interview Lies That Work — or Don’t

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

With a tough job market and so many still unemployed, drastic measures may be the name of the game for some frustrated job seekers. From overzealous follow-ups to outright lies, some candidates take major risks to get the gig. But are some little white lies OK when it comes to marketing yourself as the best person for the job? Maybe. Brazen Careerist details why:

Lying about why you left your last job. Here’s a question you’re guaranteed to face during your job search: “Why are you looking for work?”

The question you’ll then ask yourself is, “Should I say I left my job because it didn’t line up with my career goals, or should I admit I was let go?”

The reward: Avoid the negative connotation associated with being fired.

The risk: The hiring manager contacts your references and finds out the truth.

The consensus: You’ll be caught quickly. You can paint your breakup in a positive light, but don’t lie about what transpired.

Inflating your job performance. Employers love measuring job performance with statistics and rankings. As you draft your resume and interview with hiring managers, it’s tempting to boast that you’re in the top three at your company even if it’s not exactly true.

The reward: Thanks to the stats, you look like a candidate who can impact the bottom line.

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