Has a recent career decision left you feeling stuck?

Has a Recent Career Decision Left You Feeling Stuck?

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My eyes widened with fear as the train approached the crowded platform in Beijing. I had never seen so many people packed into a train car before, and being slightly agoraphobic, I began to panic. China has one of the biggest and busiest rail networks in the world; passengers kung fu fight their way on, stuffing themselves inside. It’s a spectacle to watch.

My friends were trying to convince me that if I didn’t experience this while here, I would regret it. The thought of being trapped in this metal car sent waves of fear throughout my entire body. “There’s no more room!” I yelled to my friends, as the train came screeching in. They were laughing hysterically, as I tried to turn and run. Yvonne and Kristen grabbed me on both sides. Stacey pushed me from behind, and next thing I knew, I was on the train, packed like a sardine. I was stuck.

Have you ever found yourself pushed into a situation that left you feeling stuck?


This is what happened to Yvonne Bryant, who is a senior brand marketing manager at a global pharmaceutical company. Yvonne graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and from the University of Delaware with an MBA. Aside from being focused and accomplished, I know Yvonne to be a fun and bubbly spirit. She is totally the type of friend to push you on a crowded train in Beijing, while laughing hysterically.

She’s a cupcake-baking, loving mom of two beautiful kids, and her husband of 10 years is always whisking her away on wonderful travels. If anyone is creating the life of their dreams, it’s Yvonne. So when I reached out recently to catch up, I was shocked by her admission.

Yvonne shared, “I’m at a great company with limitless opportunities and supportive management. I’ve been identified as key talent within this organization full of amazing people. Despite the positive aspects of this job, the two-hour commute is a weighing on me. I am not home enough to support my husband and children, I am working constantly, and I feel overwhelmed. I feel torn and stuck.”

Yvonne Bryant enjoying family
Yvonne Bryant and family


So how does one overcome feeling stuck in a situation they have created for themselves?


“I overcome these feelings of being stuck by taking control in those moments,” says Yvonne. “I take control of my thoughts about work, the commute, and my guilt of not being a good enough mom. I stop and recognize that I am doing the best that I can.”

“Instead of feeling down and upset, I decide to do something!  I listen to uplifting music, podcasts, or call a friend on the long commute. At work, I may take a walk during lunch to clear my head. Sometimes, I leave work early to enjoy dinner with my family. The reason we feel stuck is because we stop believing that we have any control over our circumstances. We think there is no way out. That’s simply not true.”

Yvonne’s Tips for Getting Unstuck:


1.) Make a plan to help you through the situation.

2.) Identify tool(s) that will help you remain positive, like a scripture verse, motto, book, song, or a word. Keep it nearby, as a reminder. I chose a word, “BALANCE.” I have it on a bracelet, wrote it on a book, and put it on a post-it on my desk, as my reminder to keep balance between work and home.

3.) Don’t be afraid to make a change and step out on faith to change whatever has you stuck.

You can overcome anything!

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