The Cast of Family Matters, Where Are They Now?

Family Matters Decoded: The 411 on Chicago’s Favorite Family

family matters cast

The Winslow’s were one of America’s favorite TV families in the ’90s—and there’s no doubt that they still are today. For nine years, Laura, Eddie, Carl, Harriette, Steve and Mother Winslow entertained kids and their parents on Friday nights, and had teenage girls coming back for more…Stefan Urkel. But as many may have hoped for more, the show couldn’t last forever.

The Chicago-based family said goodbye to audiences across the country during the summer of 1998. For a short period of time, the cast members may have wondered what could possibly be next, but most didn’t have to wait for long. From multiple sitcoms to daytime TV and life on the big screen, Kellie Shangyne Williams, Darius McCrary, Reginald VelJohnson, JoMarie Patyon and Rosetta LeNoire were ultimately set for life. As all cast members may not have gone to win an Oscar or an Emmy, the each excelled in their own right.

All stepping through the doors of the CW or CBS, the Winslows were in it for the long haul, whatever it was. So in case fans have forgotten just how far they made it, Black Enterprise is coming to you like Mary J. Blige and giving the 411 on the cast of Family Matters—it’s where they are now!