Freshwire’s Shawn Amos Talks Facebook Graph Search [Video]

Freshwire’s Shawn Amos Talks Facebook Graph Search

Shawn Amos, CEO of Freshwire, provides refreshing commentary in "60 Seconds of Social Media" (Image: Source)

Social networking juggernaut Facebook unveiled its newest feature, Graph Search, on Tuesday at a press conference at its Menlo Park, California headquarters. Although the search feature it still in beta, rolling out slowly to users who request access, it has the potential to rival other social search and directory services such as Foursquare and Yelp.

Graph Search allows members to easily discover people, places, photos and other members’ interests.  How does it work? The tool searches by phrases and lets users find only content shared with them on Facebook.

See what Freshwire CEO Shawn Amos has to say about the search feature in the latest episode of “60 Seconds of Social Media.”