Last-Minute Executive Gifts for the Holiday

Last-Minute Executive Gifts for the Holiday


Are you buying a gift this holiday season for your colleague or best friend who travels frequently, always on the work grind? Don’t settle for the usual coffee gift card this year. Instead, give the gift that keeps on giving–and that they’ll actually use. Here’s a short list of gift suggestions for the traveling executive.

  • MVMT Black Box Collection – This set is a low-cost but premium option for the busy executive who doesn’t want to carry multiple watches on business trips. Includes a watch, interchangeable strap, and sunglasses.The Black Box


  • Luggage – Nothing is more annoying than getting to the airport, rushing through TSA Pre-check, and then finding out you have to check your bag that you thought was small enough to carry on. Two solutions for you: Raden and iFLY Luggage.
    • Raden’s carry-on has the latest tech-enabled features–everything from weight sensors to built-in phone chargers–and they all connect seamlessly to its mobile app. With a TSA-approved compact design that prioritizes maximum interior storage, this 22-inch carry-on is perfect for the executive who needs to stay charged and secure on the go.

Raden Luggage


  • iFLY’s brand promise of luggage not costing more than your flight is reason enough to consider this line. iFLY has a 10-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Coverage includes repairs, parts, or new iFLY luggage at the company’s expense, completely free of charge. This is another solid option for executives who travel for extended periods of time and whose luggage may take a few bumps and bruises.

Racer Silver iFly Luggage

  • Ink + Volt – Nothing says “New Year’s resolutions” like a new planner that’s actually designed to push you further in your goals. This planner, however, is not for the fainthearted as it was designed by a technology executive and startup founder who kept the entrepreneur and business executive in mind. You must put in work for 2017 to see the fruits of your labor. This planner will help you do just that.

Ink + Volt Planner


  • Go Green with Pure Green – Traveling can often lead to unhealthy eating habits. Even though you can’t travel with a blender, you can stay on track with Pure Green’s “Wake Me Up” and “Immunity Boost” shots. No worries about TSA. They’re under 3 oz. each!

Pure Green 1oz-shots

  • Shellac Nail System – As a woman who’s running the world, a lot of time spent in a nail salon is just not feasible. Not only can you look the part with this do-it-yourself kit, but you’ll also save money at the same time.

CND Brisa Pack


  • Gold Khromo by Urban Enzo – These aren’t just any headphones. With a 56-core wire with four professional-grade balance pins, it allows the music conduction rate to be close to perfect at 99.9998%. In other words, it’s a strong and stylish in-ear headphone set with supreme sound quality. And, to put icing on it, Gold Khromo by Urban Enzo is an African American-made brand straight out of Dubai from corporate executive by day/entrepreneur by night Ensly Dooms.Gold Khromo Earphones
  • Linger Fragrance Primer – With an invisible shield that preserves your skin’s moisture as it balances its surface, this primer extends the wear of your favorite scent all day. Linger Fragrance
  • Brooklinen Blankets – Freshly washed blankets when you fly are often supplied to passengers on the first flights of the day. After that, they’re just folded and re-used. Take my advice and bring your own! The plastic that your plane blanket comes in doesn’t guarantee it’s new. But this blanket will guarantee maximum comfort as you fly all year long.

Wool Throw Blanket


  • HEYS Executive Business Case – This is a “handbag on wheels” that is lightweight and designed with lots of organized storage. It can be opened using the front zipper to access business essentials and media, or via the center zipper to access personal and travel essentials. When traveling on day trips for business, this business case does the trick. Executive Case
  • FOREO ISSA Hybrid Sonic Toothbrush – When your travel toothbrush just doesn’t cut it, upgrade to this ISSA essential that provides a more quality brushing experience like you have at home. Every brush comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee to ensure that you have complete oral care while on the road. Forea ISSA Toothbrush