Ex-NBC Employee Admits to Helping Bill Cosby Pay Women Off

Ex-NBC Employee Admits to Helping Bill Cosby Pay Women Off

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It seems that the scandal surrounding veteran actor/comedian Bill Cosby continues to thicken.

Now, as more and more women continue to confess their sexual affairs with Cosby, one ex-NBC employee is speaking up about his involvement in Cosby’s affairs. In an exclusive interview with New York Daily News, Frank Scotti says that while working close to Cosby during the 1984-92 run of the Cosby Show, he stood witness to one of America’s favorite television dad’s engage in sexual affairs with several women, some who were even underage.

During those years, Scotti said that he became the conduit for payments of up to $2,000 a month to the women. One of those women includes a lady by the name of Shawn Thompson, whose daughter Autumn Jackson claimed the actor to be her father.

“He had everybody fooled,” Scotti tells the Daily News. “Nobody suspected.”

Scotti, who worked as a facility manager at the Brooklyn studio where The Cosby Show was taped, recalls the time when Cosby had an arrangement with a Manhattan modeling agency where the agency would send girls to Cosby, some who Scotti said were as young as 16, to meet with the actor in his dressing room. During those times, the now 90-year-old Scotti says that he was charged with guarding the door for the married Cosby while he met privately with the young women.

Scotti says that Cosby’s multiple sexual relations with different women and the pressure that he put on him to distribute the money payments to the women using a money order in his name is what caused him to eventually quit his job.

“It bothered me…You’ve got all these kids, every time,” Scotti said. “I used to like him, but that’s the reason I quit him after so many years — because of the girls.”

Scotti provided copies of the money orders that Cosby pressured him to put in his name, detailing the amount and names of the eight different women the actor sent money to. He says that after all of these years, he is finally speaking up about the scandal because he feels bad for the women who are now coming forward and telling their story.

SOURCE: New York Daily News