Ericka Winters Discusses Starting Up and Standing Out

Ericka Winters Discusses Starting Up and Standing Out

Instead of having a storefront, you mentioned a showroom. What is the difference?
The reason we call it a showroom is because it is an office building set up like a fashion showroom. I used to work as a buyer when I lived in California and every time I would go buy from companies like Calvin Klein or Sean Jean, you had to walk in an office building and there were different showrooms. So basically I wanted to make a hair showroom and pretty much set it up like you were walking into a fashion showroom. We sell our extensions in our showroom, as well as online.

What’s next for Valley Girl Hair Collection?
Expansion. Detroit is flooded. So my next thing is to expand to Ohio, West Virginia, and other places. I’m going to go to other states.

You can learn more about Valley Girl Hair Collection by visiting their website here.

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