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Entrepreneur Ken Clay Uses Innovation and Technology to Enhance Touchless Solutions

Ken Clay touchless technology
(Image: Harris Public Relations)

Technology is always changing and never-ending. With the recent pandemic affecting all industries, we’ve entered a touchless world and entrepreneur Ken Clay, as CEO of Trackit Technology, has been able to utilize his expertise in implementing such systems across the board.

Clay took a moment to speak to BLACK ENTERPRISE to discuss how his focus helps his entrepreneurial spirit and how the coronavirus has affected his business.

As the CEO of Trackit Technology, what type of technology are you involved with and why did you start the company?

Trackit Technology is an ecosystem of touchless solutions for digital displays. From thermal sensors to facial recognition, QR Code Capabilities, and automated check-in systems, Trackit was designed to be the No. 1 plug-and-play touchless solution for any digital display in any industry. 

What type of clients do you have and which industries do you primarily work with?

Current clients include the NFL, PGA, various industrial offices, a few healthcare facilities, and business districts for cities. We are focusing our efforts on targeting universities, convention centers and events, healthcare facilities, and commercial real estate/industrial offices. 

As an entrepreneur, how do you decide where to put your focus and how to go about doing business?

First and foremost, I always look to put effort into my team. I want to make sure that they are in positions to win because if they are, our whole company is set up for success. Next, I look to put out any fires, because as any entrepreneur knows, there is ALWAYS a fire to put out. Afterward, I spend the rest of my time doing market research and client relations. I always love learning about new ways to help our clients, which is why I’m always studying the latest trends. 

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone. How has COVID-19 affected your business? 

It affected us in a big way. Our business got started because of events. We work with big names in the events industry, and then all of a sudden, there were no more events. So we went back to the drawing board and focused on what we are great at. That is innovation. This pandemic helped us build more efficiently, grind harder, and provide solutions for our clients that would have a lasting impact long after COVID-19 is over.  

If you could do anything over again, what would it be and why?

I actually am very grateful for my journey and if I could do anything differently, it would have to be starting out on it from the get-go. When I started off in my professional career, I thought I always wanted to be a sports agent. It wasn’t until I worked under my first boss that I realized what I wanted most was to be my OWN boss, and put myself in a position to not only have my own creative freedom but be able to give back.