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Entrepreneur Opens Black-owned Cosmetology School in Michigan

beautiful luxe school of cosmetology

In Michigan, Aisha Gatlin, who is a 38-year-old black beauty salon owner, has always had trouble finding stylists who know how to work with black women’s hair. This frustration led her to open her own cosmetology school, Beautiful Luxe School of Cosmetology.

Although there are many aspiring salon artists that come to her from various cosmetology schools, she found that most were not properly trained on techniques used for black hair as well as how they could use them. That’s where Gatlin’s cosmetology school comes in. Gatlin realized that existing beauty schools don’t really prepare stylists to efficiently help black customers with their hair. But instead of being frustrated and complaining, she decided to create a solution by opening the Beautiful Luxe School of Cosmetology.

Beautiful Luxe School of Cosmetology had its grand opening at Briarwood Mall in Michigan earlier this month according to Blacknews.com. It is the first black-owned cosmetology school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a city west of Detroit.

Gatlin said in an interview with Michigan Live, “As a hairstylist, you should be able to work with all types of hair. I feel like having a school here in this area will really benefit.”

Although the school’s tuition is $15,000, there is a $2,500 scholarship currently available to help students with financial need. The program includes providing students with hair techniques such as cutting, coloring, and applying hair products as well as hair braiding, extension services, press and curls, and more. According to Blacknews.com, students will also be “taught the basics of nail and skincare such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, and facials.”

Gatlin hopes to connect students to additional financial aid options if the future allows. In opening this school, Gatlin has confidence that her students will be able to provide amazing service to a variety of clients with different textures of hair.