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[Dynamic Dads] Darnell Brown II: The Gift of Fatherhood

Many would refer to Darnell Brown II as an ambitious, resourceful networking king, and upcoming entrepreneur in Atlanta. But to his 7-year-old daughter, Aniyah, he’s “daddy”—and a great one at that! Why? Because the bond between Darnell and Aniyah isn’t just biological, it’s soulful.

Darnell believes that in order to thrive professionally, one must first thrive at home. He believes that true fatherhood should be centered around creating memories and precious moments that will last a lifetime. Even at her young age, Aniyah has been all over the world – from swimming with turtles in Barbados, to cruising to the Bahamas, to Disney in both Florida and California.

Darnell has taught Aniyah to balance their exciting travels with giving back and helping those less fortunate, doing things like participating in Hashtag Lunchbag to feed the homeless and assisting with Alzheimer’s Research. Darnell is adamant about setting a firm foundation and solid example for Aniyah, working with her mother to ensure that she has a well-rounded life.

What Darnell knows for sure:

  • A child’s mind is always learning and absorbing new ideas daily
  • What a child sees and how he or she feels can, in fact, persist into adulthood, so he uses the father/daughter bond to guide his daughter and shape her into a well-adjusted young lady
  • It’s never too early to introduce your child to different cultures and places
  • By instilling strong morals in his daughter at an early age, he ensures that she will have a good foundation and the confidence to succeed and pursue her dreams, no matter how big or small

Having been raised by a single mother and nurtured by his grandmother in Chicago, Darnell saw, first-hand, the investment of time and energy that it takes to establish a lasting bond when both parents are focused on the betterment of the child. He promised himself that when he became a father, he would not just be a father, he would be present and actively participate in his child’s life.

What does Darnell hope Aniyah learns from all of their experiences and travels? “I take pride in knowing that Aniyah will one day grow to learn that all things are possible in life when you work hard and give back.” With the support of her father/friend/coach, there’s nothing that she won’t be able to achieve! Because some things take longer than others, Darnell is teaching Aniyah the importance of patience. Small seeds – with the right care, love, and time – blossom into precious exotic flowers. Look for Darnell at the next father/daughter dance. He will be there, with Aniyah in hand, because that’s what great daddies do – they show up and show out!