Dispelling the Myth: 5 Well-Paying Gigs for English Majors

Dispelling the Myth: 5 Well-Paying Gigs for English Majors

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

So it’s often reported and said that some students can look forward to a lifetime of making meager salaries in comparison with others simply because they chose not to major in subjects that almost guarantee large starting earnings.

English happens to be one of those majors. But, don’t believe the hype. As with any job seeker or professional in today’s market, the name of the game is a bit of hustle and diversifying what you offer. Check out a few well-paying options from Brazen Careerist for those who are great with gab:

1. SEO content writer.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a field of online marketing comprised of traditional marketing practices combined with online components. SEO content writers are in high demand all throughout the business industry.

For those unfamiliar with SEO, it’s online advertising: marketing specific clients to various websites. Targeted websites are assessed by Web analytic tools that read their strength and quality. SEO content writers are essentially professional bloggers who write with a specific client in mind. The demand for online marketing has made SEO a crucial element for many businesses.

Most schools don’t offer courses in this field; however, English majors have all the necessary tools to make SEO a profitable career.

Approximate annual salary: $56,000


Copywriting is an English major’s dream. Anyone familiar with AMC’s hit show Mad Men has seen a depiction of the industry’s earlier days.

Copywriting is the bridge between creative writing and advertising. It entails proofreading and editing copy, creating banner ads, writing digital and print copy and taking part in social media campaigns via Facebook and Twitter.

Those with a colorful and creative mind should seek a position in this field. Every business, big and small, utilizes a creative department–complete with copywriters.

Approximate annual salary: $53,000

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