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Didn’t Get the Job? Don’t Worry, Stay Focused

article-sixSo you’ve made it through the interview, and you believe you’ve passed with flying colors. You’ve sent your follow-up and thank you note and are feeling incredibly self-assured — only to find out that you are not offered the job.

Now what? The feelings of frustration and sometimes failure that accompany rejection are only natural. Although this can be disheartening, don’t allow it to crush your self-esteem. In this environment, job seekers have to consistently retool and stay focused.

Here’s how you can do just that:

Stay positive. A positive attitude keeps you moving forward instead of focusing on what went wrong. Recognize that there will be other opportunities and get in the mindset to better prepare for them. The facts remain: the economy is bad, unemployment is high, and competition is tough. You can either submit to the belief that market forces are working against you or you can work to improve your presentation and perseverance you will eventually find a suitable job.

Reassess your strategy. Are you really doing all that you possibly can to improve your chances of employment? Does your resume go beyond a list of jobs to explain you’re the breadth of your accomplishments and abilities? Have you engaged your network? Have you considered the possible opportunities in a broad range of industries?

Don’t rule the company out. Respond to the company and tell the interviewer that you are disappointed that you weren’t selected but would like to check back with them on any other openings. In this environment companies are continually retooling and restructuring to effectively manage the demands of the economy. Following up shows persistence and a committed interest in the company. The interviewer is likely to be impressed and may consider bringing you on board the second time around.


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