Grenada's Exclusive Luxury Resort

Destination: Luxury

Sir Royston O. Hopkin and Lady Betty, owners and operators of Spice Island Beach Resort

Hopkin’s property promises the best travel experiences in a most luxurious setting, but he is quick to assert that resort trappings and fixtures are not what define his business. It’s his attention to guests.

Creating a distinction
Hopkin’s wife and three children are all a part of the resort’s success. His wife, Lady Betty, oversees the management of the Gatsby Boutique. Nerissa is director and deputy manager; Ryan is assistant manager of operations; and Janelle is assistant manager, food and beverage. And they are always on hand to not just manage their areas but offer an extension of the hospitality for which the resort is known. “What has defined us is our human resources–my presence, Betty’s presence, my three kids–as a unit and as a staff,” offers Hopkin.  “When we reopened the resort I [hired] a full-time human resources manager and director. As a Caribbean person, I’m up against many people in the world who have a lot of resources in bricks and mortar, but bricks and mortar cannot define you. What actually defines you is when things go wrong–how you deal with issues, problems and complaints. That is where clients [and customers] measure you.”

Maintaining the standards
Hopkin employees a staff of 200, whom he also refers to as family. Every staffer employed more than a year is offered a weekend stay at the resort so they can personally appreciate the operating standard of the property. Upon leaving, guests are asked to fill out a two-page questionnaire. “It is complex,” says Hopkin. “I’m proud to say our CSQs–that’s our guest perception reports–are at 99% year round.”

Unique touches
All visitors receive a personal letter signed by Hopkin thanking them for their stay. When he is in town, he hosts a weekly cocktail party on the resort. Every other week the party is hosted at his home. “This is a formal invitation. I get 97% acceptance. It gives the hotel a face. I am my severest critic,” he continues. “There is no compromise for our standards.”