Day In The Life: Meet Social Media Coordinator Kristin Graves

Day In The Life: Meet Social Media Coordinator Kristin Graves

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(Image: Elisha Holmes)

This article originally appeared on The Well, Jopwell’s editorial hub. 

Kristin Graves
Social Media Coordinator, Black Enterprise,
New York, NY
Twitter: @IAmKKG, @blackenterprise

8:00am: I wake up after pressing snooze on my alarm 934,728,934,793 times. I scroll through my personal social media from my iPhone, catching up on new Instagram posts from Baller Alert, The Shade Room, and MSNBC for news and celebrity gossip. I take a quick shower and head to work.

8:45am: Commute. I live 10 blocks and two avenues from the office, so it’s an easy walk. I make a quick stop at a nearby deli to grab a cucumber, apple, lemon, kale juice as my “pre-breakfast” to hold me over.

9:00am: I get settled in at my cubicle and check up on our social media, browsing Iconosquare, Crowdbooster, Facebook Analytics, and a few other tools we rely on to track activity and engagement across our platforms. After ordering breakfast for delivery on Seamless, I look up trending social media topics to share with Black Enterprise’s content team during our morning story ideas meeting.

9:20am: I check in with my boss, Sirita, to let her know what’s on my agenda for the day and see if there is anything additional that she needs from me. She gives me a long list of to-dos for the week. I break them down into a series of tasks and write out each one on a Post-it. I like to keep the Post-Its stuck around my desk and computer, ripping them off throughout the week as I finish each task.

10:00am: Morning meeting time. The content team stands around an open area in the office, right by the printers, and discusses trending topics. We brainstorm ways we can put a business twist on the latest news. Both the print magazine and digital editors run us through what stories will be going up on the site and in the magazine.

11:00am: I sync up with the social team. We review how all of our platforms — Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Blab, Snapchat, and Pinterest — have been performing over the past day. I brief everyone on how the event hashtag from our recent entrepreneurship summit — #BESummit — performed. I also share the stats I pulled on what articles, photos, and Snapchats have been doing the best and worst in terms of shares and likes.

12:30pm: I grab lunch outside the office, per usual. It’s a Chipotle kind of day. I’ve been trying to eat healthier, but I can’t seem to find a nearby spot that’s healthy and filling.

2:00pm: I reach out to a list of influencers with invites to participate in upcoming social media events. Next up: I moderate a Twitter chat we organized with Lisa Price, founder of the beauty line Carol’s Daughter. Meanwhile, I keep tabs on the Black Enterprise Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat feeds. I get notifications to my phone whenever Black Enterprise is mentioned on Twitter and Instagram, and everything else is open on my desktop.

3:00pm: I go through guest lists for two upcoming events we’re hosting — BE Modern Man in Atlanta and our Lexus-BE Good Life mixer in Chicago. I’m compiling everyone’s contact info and social media handles so we can send out invites.

4:00pm: I eat a quick snack at my desk while going through more reports and noting our traffic and results from specific campaigns.

5:00pm: I wrap up by sorting through the most recent reports, making sure all my tasks for the day are done, and sharing a couple interesting findings with Sirita. I’ve got one more Post-it that I didn’t get to, so I leave it up to tackle first thing tomorrow.

5:45pm: Gym time. I catch a class at Equinox. Their showers are amazing, so I take one and then walk home.

8:00pm: I order a few slices of chicken vodka pizza (via Seamless, per usual) and begin my Thursday evening TV routine, which involves recording and watching Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and Naked and Afraid (which everyone should check out … IT’S AMAZING).

11:00pm: My shows end, and I wash, brush, and set my alarm for 7am before heading to bed. My sound machine plays a rain noise that I fall asleep to by midnight.

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